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If your planning a special night on the town, sport event, corporate outing, bachelor party, prom, wedding and any other idea you can think of....this is the vehicle for your large group. Bring up to 40 of your closest friends, need to pamper a special client, looking to tailgate in style or need the comforts of home no matter where you are? H2 HUMMER 40 PASSENGERIf you're wondering how to impress people in South Florida, a place where everyone has “seen it all”, you're ready to experience a vehicle so unique, even the most jaded of people will take notice. Upon boarding this ultra-luxurious and versatile limousine, all fears of keeping up with the Jones' fade away…the standard has been set. Settling back into the cool comfort of rich leather couches, music playing from the DVD surround sound system, inlayed floors and custom rugs under your feet, your senses confirm your thoughts…Hardwood floors and a 42 inch plasma TV. THIS is the way to travel!

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